Monday, August 31, 2009

You got to be kidding me

I just started using RON95 for 3 days now and already the price has gone up from RM1.75 to RM1.80. Yes they said they were slowly replacing all RON92 pumps with RON95, but not until the end of this month did all the petrol stations have their RON92 pumps.

What utter non-sense. Its means directly switching from RON97 (premium) to RON95 (mainstream) for the same price. As it is all our high quality low-sulphur oil is being exported for premium prices and we use lower grade imported oil, now we have to deal with this rubbish.

Obviously only drivers would notice. Politicians have personal drivers who pump the oil and monitor their traveling expenses. The fat ass in the backseat just sits back and enjoys the cool air from the air conditioning.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Alamanda, Putrajaya


I need to put this up as I accidentally erased it from my saved messages yesterday. Its something I will always need to remember, because out of the hundreds of exchanged messages between us, this probably defines how it all ended;

Her love for me is her wall, and 'she' is the wall I created.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Time at Legenda

Thank you all for a great time and a valuable experience at Legenda.

You all have strengths in different aspects, and I am already using what I've learned from you guys as I face each day.

Segar for his easy going friendliness and never-stop chatter box..

Bakia for her child-like, over-enthusiastic and spontaneous thinking..

Kala for her love and care for everyone around her, no matter how evil they may be..

Mr Guru for his cheekiness and bountiful energy beyond his age..

Mr Ganen for his ambitions and endeavors for breaking new grounds..


Dr Arif for his unique ideas and inspirations which although might seem strange, is usually the most rational of all solutions..

And a special thanks to

Dr Saroja for her spirited and hard headed approach when it comes to dealing with higher management. I learned from her that people are separated not by their post, but by their level of stupidity..

TQ :)