Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Polarization backfired

My Physics class is made up of some 100+ students. During classes, the Malays and about 3 Indians sit on the left side of class whereas the Chinese sit on the right side, separated by a walkway in the middle. In today's class, the lecturer decided to give a quiz and unintentionally discovered someone who didn't attend class passed up the quiz.. Ghost? he asked. Being the case that the corresponding person's name was a Chinese's, he said that we will penalize the whole right side of the class 2 points from the final examinations as the left side could not have written for the ghost.

So, moral of the story... Don't polarize..

This was one class I am glad I didn't miss. Hahaha.. I was laughing the whole way through. In your face jackasses!

Not my day

Nearly got into a head on collision, got stung by a wasp, and currently fukin the world upside down!

Not my day..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The end

It just doesn't end.. Even after the elections, you'll hear all kinds of nonsense from what the sore losers are up too.. Malaysia is just full of people who can't take a loss and learn from it. Their only aim is power and money. Revenge and hatred seems to be their only answer.

As this will never end, I'm going to stop blogging on this country's stupid politics and policies. It only generates hatred inside of me, and that is something I do not want inside of me.

Do keep up with uncensored news on the internet and online blogs. Television and newspapers are only propagandas. Only what is hidden is the truth. If not, why isn't it shown? Save Democracy.. Save Free Rights.. Save Malaysia...

Thank you.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Ok...its gonna be 1am...and still theres so lil news coming in on 100 plus or so parliamentary seats across the country.. Unofficial sources state Selangor has been lost to Opposition with Perlis and Perak looking shaky... News on the television is 2 hours late compared to online sources... Guess millions wont be sleeping tonight. Good business for mamak! Thats if the FA Cup matches are finished d

Digital media disgrace

RTM1, RTM2, TV3... They are calling young voters immature, emotional and easily manipulated by the opposition parties... Excuses for them losing 3 states currently?

Do your fukin job la !!

WHile watching the election results, I was also watching the All-England Badminton Tournament live on RTM2. After all the Malaysian players were beaten in today's games, the local commentator goes "Esok kita akan menyaksikan semua pemain-pemain selain pemain Malaysia kita bermain. Rasa kurang bermaya untuk melaporkan."

WTF is tat ??! Do u call yourself a commentator ? Dumbass ! Report the tournament..not a biased emotional feel for your country ! 'Kurang bermaya'? Then give your job to someone else biatch !

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Burnnnn !!

Why la...Why must copy in exams??? Copying tutorials is a different thing, its a learning assignment..and you wouldn't want to loose marks there. So it can be forgiven. But why in exams? A test of what you have learned.. and at that you must copy.. It just despises me when I look at them looking over to get their jewel answers.. Rot & burn !!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Poor Bry Bry

Yea..Bryan left his wallet at the library.. He went to reclaim it at 10.00pm after finding out that it was found there. He got his wallet back alright..just minus the it was only less than RM100.

But it just goes to show the integrity of university students.. Or is it just public university students? PTPTN not paying enough? Neh...I'll just go with lack of integrity..kinda reflects the ppl ruling this hellhole rite.. *if u know wat i mean* ;-)

Neways, if you see anyone handling a RM50 note that smells of beer, do let Bryan know :p

Dumb female motorcyclists

My god la..nearly bang 2 freaking female motorcyclist while driving in UKM, minutes apart. 1 dumbass, grinds to full halt while looking for parking and I'm freaking driving right behind her. I should have juz bang her down!

Another one wants to make a right turn while being on the left side of my car..with no fukin signal at that !! Realizing her mistake, she showed her tongue to comment...

How in the world do they get their bloody licenses??

You can't call me a racist when it was one Malay and one Chinese involved...argghh!! Both cases they couldn't even control their motors even when riding straight.. Haihh..