Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The end

It just doesn't end.. Even after the elections, you'll hear all kinds of nonsense from what the sore losers are up too.. Malaysia is just full of people who can't take a loss and learn from it. Their only aim is power and money. Revenge and hatred seems to be their only answer.

As this will never end, I'm going to stop blogging on this country's stupid politics and policies. It only generates hatred inside of me, and that is something I do not want inside of me.

Do keep up with uncensored news on the internet and online blogs. Television and newspapers are only propagandas. Only what is hidden is the truth. If not, why isn't it shown? Save Democracy.. Save Free Rights.. Save Malaysia...

Thank you.


Devious Egg said...

1. Thank you for what?

2. No party should accept absolute defeat as it only goes on to strengthen the other parties against it. If that were to happen, there would be limited 'Check and Balance' in parliament. BN developed the country well for a long time. After years of reigning unchallenged however, the checks were not in place. Hence they backslid into a state of comfort, where the peoples needs are assumed to be met. We haven't met DAP's policies yet. If the opposition garnered unchallenged reign of the country, do you really believe that your needs will be met for long?

God was merciful enough to not let either coalition steamroll the other, let BN hold the majority, with a sizeable opposition MP count in parliament to check on them. And look upon each negative comment made against opposing parties as a win for the country and it's people.

Arguments, criticism, comments, ahhh... Beautiful...

rubinho said...

LoL.. I shall pass the political scene to you then.. U handle it better.. I'm too emotional about it..haha!