Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Polarization backfired

My Physics class is made up of some 100+ students. During classes, the Malays and about 3 Indians sit on the left side of class whereas the Chinese sit on the right side, separated by a walkway in the middle. In today's class, the lecturer decided to give a quiz and unintentionally discovered someone who didn't attend class passed up the quiz.. Ghost? he asked. Being the case that the corresponding person's name was a Chinese's, he said that we will penalize the whole right side of the class 2 points from the final examinations as the left side could not have written for the ghost.

So, moral of the story... Don't polarize..

This was one class I am glad I didn't miss. Hahaha.. I was laughing the whole way through. In your face jackasses!


Devious Egg said...

So the one who gets punished is the one to blame for polarization? What if an indian student was missing? or Malay? Then they'll all say to the people on the left side of the class, "In your face chutneyasses!". That's for polarizing yourselves from us!

Be Cool, Car Pool...

rubinho said...

Oh..."in your face" was for both sides.. Too bad the right side made a false step 1st.. And where do 3 Indians sit in a class of 100+? The closest chair to you of course..which incidentally is the left side.. Hahaha =)