Sunday, November 15, 2009


Youth who turned his knife on cops shot dead

Policemen are sent for shooting drills and tests so often. They are supposed to be proficient and experts in handling their dangerous weapons. Should a 21 year old kid with possible mental or emotional problems get shot in the chest because he was running towards the policemen with a knife?

A group of policemen vs A 21 year old

Pistols vs 1 knife

Trained vs Emotionally troubled

Couldn't they have aimed for his legs of thighs? Or shoulder? Did they have to hit the easiest place they could aim for; the chest? Maybe because they are not trained enough in aiming other areas? The police firearm's primary function is to disable, not to kill. Only if all options are exhausted, can the last resort be taken. Its fine when its a group of terrorist or armed gang members with real guns and pistols. But this is a 21 year old with a vegetable knife! What a waste of a life..

Being mentally or emotionally unstable is not a crime. I classify this as murder.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Birthday Resolution

My birthday resolution:


play less games

completely stop watching p***

be more productive

be a better son

be a better brother

be a better boyfriend

take more responsibility

keep in touch with friends

reduce my impact on nature

wake up not later than 9am everyday

drop to 70kg


or at least 72 :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Faith comes not from the belief in him, but the values he upheld

Correct me if I am wrong,
I am still on the path of understanding.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Its all about manipulation.. Whoever is the best at manipulating, they are the ones who will profit the most..

Whats up with this 1Malaysia thing anyway.. Its everywhere I turn.. Like before this we were unaware that we lived in the same country and need a slogan to remind us of that fact?

1Malaysia 20% toll rebate, 1Malaysia F1 Team.. 1Malaysia Earthquake Fund.. Come on la! Its all publicity.. Stop treating the public like fools..

Why not we just change our country's name from Malaysia to 1Malaysia then?

Oh by the way, I support that Hari Malaysia is of equal importance to Hari Merdeka and therefore should be a public holiday. A lot of Malaysians still do not know what is Hari Malaysia. I was one of them until just recently. Well, have you seen anything in the newspapers or television headlines for the past 20 years on Hari Malaysia? I know I have see a lot on Merdeka only.. Heck I'm sure some people still think Sabah and Sarawak belong to Brunei and Indonesia.

And lastly, another manipulation; You know we got that 10% gov tax and 5% service tax crap thing right.. If you don't wanna be conned, check out ever the place you are eating qualifies to charge gov tax not. Cuz as of Sept 2009, only 446 eateries are allowed to do so by the Customs. Others might be using old licenses, conning you, or are just unaware of recent events. As an easy guide, franchises generate a lot of money and therefore are able to charge the gov tax. Non-franchises are less likely to charge gov tax due to their lower revenue. Its also impossible for any eatery to charge gov tax in their first year of business. Do inquire for their license if you feel they are conning you. I know it might look like you are a cheapskate in front of your friends, but its your money, and people are stealing from you. So you decide..

Fight manipulation by taking a stand..

And the latest update, public and school examinations are going to be held 1 day after Deepavali. Every other party gets 1 week holiday and we are left to come back to our hometowns, celebrate, and go back on the same day. So much for 1Malaysia.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Favorite Childhood Movies (1985-2000)

Just scream ok!! I can't remember the whole movie, but I remember how fukin scared I was!!

Who doesn't like it when a cute girl falls from the sky ;)

[Song] Forever and ever...

Mischievous yet sweet

To infinity and beyond!

Swords + Lightning = Ooo

We all know why guys watched this movie, cuz the story aint great :p

Somebody stop me!

You gotta love his smile and innocence in the big city

The stupid movie that made me scared every time I went to the beach!

The super-hot-smoking Jessica Rabbit!

Arnold vs Alien = Arnold Wins

Stay above anything except the ground!

Hastalavista Baby! The best movie of the franchise by a mile!

Tale as old as time.. Song as old as rhyme..

Liu Kang.. Sonia.. Johnny Cage..

The face that made a franchise

Literally BOOM BOOM POW !

The one and only Swayze movie I ever watched, and has to be the greatest

My mum's favorite.. Who wouldn't want Costner as their bodyguard :p

Stupidest movie of all time! Still remember the laxatives part.. zzz..

Action all the way.. Again, the best movie of the franchise


Another Costner gem.. He can be arrogant, lazy, and an ass, and still get the girl.. Like wth?!

My first movie which showcased more than your average skin

Hahaha.. Haha.. Hahaha.. Haha..

"Houston, we have a problem."

Under the sea.. Under the sea..

Timun & Pumba!

Esmeralda.. *drool* :) Princess Jasmine doesn't stand a chance

with probably the most famous OST in history!

I'm afraid of nature the most! And this movie just intensified that feeling

After coming out of the cinema and feeling a cold breeze pass over me, I starting imagining tornadoes in the dark night sky

Between Willy and Michael Jackson's OST, a long staying classic

Chemistry in the form of a bomb on a bus :)

Loved everything about the movie except the fact that its C-Grade sequels destroyed the franchise

Watched it on my 12th birthday with my family

Easily the best movie of the 90s.. 5-star in every sense!

The passion and suave stays on for hours after watching

Gripping and thrilling plot.. Excellent acting by Jackson and Spacey

Before the movie became the franchise

The unexpected blockbuster!

He never gets old.. Dammit!

The movie that launched Will Smith to stardom

One for all, All for one


Here comes the men in black.. The galaxy defenders..

I'm not sure what drew me in the most about this movie; the gadgets, the boobs, or James West :p

Like The Mummy, before the movie became the franchise

My favorite movie of the 80s! Michael J. Fox in his early days prime

George Lucas' masterpiece.. A movie which defied its time

My favorite Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford movie.. If only I could have his job.. Teaching history and running away from the Nazis

Words can't describe how I feel of this movie :)

Age never stops Connery.. Alcatraz didn't too

2 amazing actors in very different ways meet face to face.. And 1 face had to come off