Sunday, November 15, 2009


Youth who turned his knife on cops shot dead

Policemen are sent for shooting drills and tests so often. They are supposed to be proficient and experts in handling their dangerous weapons. Should a 21 year old kid with possible mental or emotional problems get shot in the chest because he was running towards the policemen with a knife?

A group of policemen vs A 21 year old

Pistols vs 1 knife

Trained vs Emotionally troubled

Couldn't they have aimed for his legs of thighs? Or shoulder? Did they have to hit the easiest place they could aim for; the chest? Maybe because they are not trained enough in aiming other areas? The police firearm's primary function is to disable, not to kill. Only if all options are exhausted, can the last resort be taken. Its fine when its a group of terrorist or armed gang members with real guns and pistols. But this is a 21 year old with a vegetable knife! What a waste of a life..

Being mentally or emotionally unstable is not a crime. I classify this as murder.

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joyce said...

true, nowadays there are too many people being mentally ill....they might be seen as normal at one moment and the next mo they are emo enough....I think all people have to take up special needs' classes so that they know actually all human being are SPECIAL NEEDS people...