Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dumb female motorcyclists

My god la..nearly bang 2 freaking female motorcyclist while driving in UKM, minutes apart. 1 dumbass, grinds to full halt while looking for parking and I'm freaking driving right behind her. I should have juz bang her down!

Another one wants to make a right turn while being on the left side of my car..with no fukin signal at that !! Realizing her mistake, she showed her tongue to herself...no comment...

How in the world do they get their bloody licenses??

You can't call me a racist when it was one Malay and one Chinese involved...argghh!! Both cases they couldn't even control their motors even when riding straight.. Haihh..

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Devious Egg said...


So you "nearly bang" 2 chicks? hey a lot of guys would have loved to have been in your shoes at the time...