Thursday, January 3, 2008

Scandal? What scandal?

I'm sure most of you all have already got the headlines the 1st few days of the new year... Besides the fireworks pics, there was also the sex scandal involving the Health Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek. Well its not really a scandal, Malaysians just turned it into

Not withstanding the fact that he has been the target of political sabotage, the reason of his resignation from all of his post in my opinion is due to Malaysians who can't get past their narrow views and look at it from a bigger picture... and threw out a hardworking and dedicated people's minister out of his seat..dooming the goverment to more and more useless ppl..

I respect and salute him for being accountable and responsible for his actions. It's something you don't see much in today's world..a world where everyone only cares about is their position, wealth and power.. In his reign of Health Minister he has done countless deeds to public service particularly at hospitals where waiting time has been reduced from 3 hours to an hour, direct and fast medical access for the disabled and not to mention, he has visited 70% of all hospitals in the country! Unofficially i might add! that means he visited the hospitals without them knowing it.. If that doesn't spell dedication, I do not know what does..

His apology of his actions..accepted by friends and family but not by most Malaysians..How can the closest people to him accept and the public don't? Like lah the public know him so well personally and emotionally?

Don't think Malaysians are naive when it comes to such sexual acts...such videos are all over the internet involving none other than the public itself.. What happenend was a private and personal issue..but political sabotage..and the people's sabotage has reaped its ugly head once again..

Now to all ya other national leaders out there..this sexual video is nothing as compared to how this country is being managed! Its a bigger crime than what Dr Chua has done.. He served his country well.. Dr S******** get the dumb hint! Leave in grace.. or leave in shame.. Guess he has chosen his fate already.. gud day!

*rubinho thanks all Malaysians involved in getting rid of a people's minister...the last few around...

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