Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Yet is a common English word that when used as a conjunction , is equivalent to "but" or "nevertheless".

However, used as an adverb, yet defines an action's persistence in time. Perhaps uniquely in English, the word can define an action in the past, present or future:

  • I have never yet been late.
  • I yet stand.
  • I will yet arrive.

Also, yet is a local dialect term in lowland Scotland and Cumbria for a gate.


adverb 1 up until now or then. 2 as soon as the present or a specified or implied time: wait, don’t go yet. 3 from now into the future for a specified length of time. 4 referring to something that will or may happen in the future. 5 still; even (emphasizing increase or repetition). 6 in spite of that.

conjunction but at the same time.

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