Friday, December 12, 2008


For my entire school years all the way up to Form 6 my parents never let me go out and come back late. That was made easier by the fact that I stayed so far away from town, wit no transport of my own, making it near impossible for me even to go out. So at home I stayed even when my friends called me for Mamak sessions, birthday parties, and all kinds of gatherings. I just had to bear with it and be patient.

University life was a blessing. I stayed in an apartment with my friends. No one questioned me why was I out so late. It was a great time; mamak every night with friends, going to KL and coming back late, etc..

Now I'm working 10km from my home thus travelling from home everyday. But I get fukin pissed when my parents question me why do I come back so late when I go out at night. I have my car. I have a steady income. I pay my own bills. When I come back from work, don't I have the right to do what I want? I am no longer a 16 year old that needs a 11 or 12 o'clock curfew! Its not like I'm coming back at 3 or 4am! At most its 1am and I sleep right after that and wake up at 7.30am for work. They want me back before 12am! WTF!!

Theres a serious generation gap! How many people actually sleeps by 12 now days.. Time is so limited that theres no time to spend it with friends and close ones. I work 6 days a week. So I cant go out late for 6 days in a week? And my house is in like a godforsaken jungle with friends and any sort of entertainment so far away. The only thing I have is my handphone and computer accompanying me every night. Let me live my life my way la! I have had enough of them keeping me under a shell!! This is happening too many times that I'm so sure that when I do my Masters or next job, I will definitely live outside!!

I could have told this all to my mum.. But I didn't. My parents somehow can't take even a little of my criticism. So I shall just keep quite. When my Masters or new job starts, I'm out..

And when she had to "advice" me.. after I had lunch at home during my office lunch break. Great mood-spoiler la. Instead of resting at home for another 30mins, I left for office..

How do I communicate with people who think that their generation ways are the best and only way to go about life? I know they want the best for me.. But part of that involves me having my freedom and not being over-protective.. Be understanding and open-minded.. I pray I do not do the same thing to my kids in the future..


Devious Egg said...

I wish I had your problems...

Kamy said...

Hey Rubern,

I'm in the same boat with you eh. My parents are the exact same way. Only worse. Coz they expect me to be home by 7PM.


I should apologise to you as well, because although we live nearby, I have not dropped by to say hi.

Be patient dear friend. The light will come.

rubinho said...

Yup, no worries :) Its hard to plan life to be perfect.. Would like to meet someone who actually had a perfect life.. But I don't think they exist.. Cuz life is never perfect.. Just got to make the best of it I guess ;-)