Monday, February 23, 2009

8:01 !! 1 minute late !!

Dammit la.. I was early for work for 2 days. I planned to make it 3 days in a row.. Yea, I've been kinda late before this. Woke up a bit late, so was rushing to make it, I was on schedule. Until this fukin slow driver delayed everyone behind him!! CB!! I punched in 8:01 !! 1 minute late !!

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Anonymous said...

Driving fast is a crime, and now driving slow is a crime... Doing bad was a crime, and now doing good is a crime... Blaming others was a crime, but blaming ourself is diabolical heresy...

The lesson is, never blame yourself for waking up late. Always curse the safe and patient driver in front of you who woke up early to go to his destination. Always assume everyone else was delayed as well although they were all out early to make it for their 9AM jobs.

And always use the term "late" and "on schedule" together in the same sentence... Kudos!