Thursday, May 21, 2009


Mauna Loa; the most active volcano in the world. But unlike Mauna Loa which releases build-up pressure through continuous and small eruptions, I erupt like Vesuvius. Pressure is built up to unbelievable proportions, and when it is finally let loose through a small crack in the mountain, all hell is let loose!

I've been laying dormant for 5 months. Today i erupted! And buried my so-called "Head of Department" with ash and molten lava!

Some people can't communicate well.
Some people can't manage people well.
Some people can't listen well.
Some people can't understand well.

But what are the odds you can find one who has all 4 flaws? I did..

So what if she's higher ranked than me?
So what if she's older than me?
So what shes been working there for years compared to my 10 months?
So what if she has better relations with the management of the college?

I'm not afraid to get fired. The way I see it, all the above doesn't matter because she is just way way dumber than me.

After the onslaught, she tried to talk to me, but I didn't want to have any of it. Because of my eruption, I could not go and donate blood, which I planned to do; pressure still high.

Her last ditch effort to save her face was to say; Rubern, you are still a small boy...

Boy..what a mistake.. Fortunately for her, in that moment her words wasnt being interpretated by my brain and only did after she left.

Small boy? Age is just a number. I have the same qualifications as her. And since shes dumb, her experience counts for nothing. The way I see it, this is a small boy you can't handle. And you expect yourself to be able to handle more senior staffs comprising of even PhD holders. Good luck!

You have lost all my respect as a colleague. I hope you find salvation in whatever remnants you find of your lost Pompei...

-Vesuvius signing out-


Anonymous said...

Many times I have been downplayed because of my age. What I have learned however is not to challenge the 'older' ones with eruptions of our own but to let their 'experience' destroy them. God works this way and He's proven a perfect track record of undoing the 'surefire experience' of the older ones every single time... There really is no use in eruptions... Never was, Never will be...

rubinho said...

Haha, no worries bro.. Her path was always going downhill.. I was just enlightening her.. :p I'm guessing you are using ur HTC for this.. Haha..