Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What does a 78 cents increase do?

I had to say I had one hell of an interesting evening because of the news of the petrol price hike.. So off I left with my Buff to the petrol station.. Well, initially I though I was wasting petrol waiting in the queue.. But I frankly enjoyed screening down the windows, blasting the radio, and looking at fellow Malaysians honking, cutting queues, and making an arss out of themselves.

Pros of a 78 cents increase :

This is the only time you'll find BFL 9994 with this much fuel in it.. I reckon about RM100 worth of it. The new rate would have cost me another RM40 if I pumped tomorrow.

The workers at Petronas were surprisingly very efficient and friendly even with so many vehicles clogging the station from every direction possible. Indian uncles were seen greeting each other! Hahaha..

Cons of a 78 cents increase :

As you can see, motorists jump queues as they will, neglecting the safety of everyone around them. In the jam that ensued and covered nearly every major town and city in the country, my dad's car got a dent from someone's beautifully impatient driving.

The government sure has a great way of announcing a fuel price hike don't they. At 6pm, when road traffic is at its highest after the working hours and darkness about to fall.. Next thing you know.. Its only stationary cars as far as the eye can see.. Can't a day or 2 days notice be issued so that cities and roads don't come to a standstill? Not to mention the countless brawls and fights that might have erupted with so many impatient people trying to get the commodity.

Fuel rebates? SHOVE IT UP WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE LA! Its just a cover to lessen the damage being done.. Think for yourself.. This is my opinion..

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