Thursday, August 7, 2008

My 1st Job

Yea... Working life... But I'm so not used to it... Slowly I'm trying to adapt... But I think I'm only doing this temporarily... I still feel an immense hunger for knowledge and research... And spending years lecturing at such an early age ain't part of the picture. I'm planning to pursue my Masters within a year from now. As for now, being a lecturer at Legenda College will be my first working experience =)

How I got this job I have no idea. First I applied it through Jobstreet even though I was not qualified for the job. They requested people with Masters or PhD but I applied just for the heck of it. Super surprised when called me up for an interview. I was to prepare a mock lecture in front of a panel of 3 interviewers. I thought I screwed the mock lecture.. Next thing you know they are offering me a position after a 2nd interview..

Okay before you all blow your horses, the position of lecturer is not like the normal lecturers you see in universities. I'm teaching physics.. But not university level physics.. Not STPM physics.. Not A-Levels physics.. But more like Form 4-5 physics..

Now I shall explain the complex system they have here at Legenda. I myself coudln't understand it at first. And explaining it to all my friends one by one takes hell lot of energy.

So here we go..

Students, locally and from abroad applying for any foundation, diploma, or degree program at Legenda undergo a 2 week orientation program. At the end of the 2 weeks, students take an placement test consisting of IELTS(English), Maths and Physics papers. Students who get above band 6 for IELTS are allowed to continue their studies to any foundation, diploma, or degree program they applied for.

Students with IELTS below band 6 are placed in Enhancement Classes. Enhancement Classes are provided by my department called the WE CARE CENTRE (WCC). Students with IELTS between band 0 and 3 are placed in Level 1 and between band 3 and 6 in Level 2. These two levels undergo about 8 weeks of enrichment classes focusing on English and also a bit of Maths and Physics. This is where I come in. I get classes consisting of 5-15 students and teach them 4 hours of Physics a week for the 8 weeks.

This ain't the complicated part yet. The complicated part is there is an orientation program every 2 weeks. Prospective students can register at Legenda on a daily basis. So that means, I can get a new group of students every 2 weeks. This also means my department does not have any semester breaks as it is a continuous cycle of enrollments. Non stop... Phew...

Thats all for now I guess... Tomorrow will be my 8th day at work... Anything else you all wanna know can just post here...

Oh ya... I miss being a student... =(


Devious Egg said...

Dude... you're doing a great job and I'm really proud of you. It's a toughie but you're the man to do it... Rock on!

rubinho said...

thanks dude..appreciate it! ill c u around =) all da best wit ur final year!