Friday, August 8, 2008

Legenda : Day 8

Phew.. 2 classes from 8am to 12pm.. Well..for some one who always ends up late for morning classes in university.. My god.. I'm a lecturer for crying loud out.. Haha.. Anyways I was 5 mins late only.. Only 3 students were there.. Started the class after 5 mins waiting for others to arrive..

I had a nice view from the 3rd floor of the building overseeing the mountain ranges covered in the morning and soaked in the mild rising sun.. What a way to start the day..

After lunch with Dad and Sis, I started installing my kinda programs on my workplace PC. Probably increased its performance by about 10-15%. Next up is loading up my Kate Voegele songs and getting headphones..

Oh ya... I spent the last 10mins of the day playing my Street Fighter flash game =)

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