Friday, August 15, 2008

Legenda : Day 16

Knowing me and my shallow Hindu knowledge, didn't know had to fast today.. Haha..neways during lunchtime, I drove to Mantin town which is 3.5km away to have Char Kuay Teow that was only RM2.80! Wasn't full so I got myself a Char Siew Pau before returning back to the office.

Oh ya, theres this middle-eastern gal that comes to the office from time to time.. Just found out today shes one of the lecturer's sister. She has striking facial similarities and style to Mia in One Tree Hill played by Kate Voegele. What I'm trying to say is shes hot la :p Hahaha.. Damn, I'm not good at staring at people.. Well, at least I have something to do around here while I'm free ;-)

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