Saturday, August 16, 2008

Legenda : Day 17

Haha.. And I thought Saturdays would be a waste of time at the office.. No lectures and only the occasional meetings. Reached workplace at 8.00am and saw the basketball court accompanied by the glorious morning weather.. It could not be resisted.. I punched my card, left the office at 8.10am, went to the car, changed to my sports shoes and took the ball out for a 20mins non-stop practice! Loved it!

But then I was sweating buckets in a short-sleeve shirt and slack pants.. A bit of tissue paper and air-con does the trick after about half an hour =)

Now I'm back at my office desk writing this out.. My colleagues think I'm crazy exercising in the morning.. Lol.. But I'm energized now.. Great way to start the day!

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