Friday, November 14, 2008

happy birthday me..

I didn't bother mentioning to my working colleagues that it was my birthday.. We were having a pot-luck, and well..why do I need to advertise its my birthday anyway..

Nether less I had fun.. Good food and good company.. Genuine conversations that otherwise would have been fake had everyone known it was my birthday.. Special attention can most of the time be fake.. So I happily ate away! :)

As I listen to my Smallville and One Tree Hill OSTs and run through my friend's facebook profiles after a long day at work, it became more apparent that November 14 was just like any other day.. One of my close friends lost someone really close to her recently.. I cant imagine the emotions shes going through.. Try putting a date on that.. Not one day.. Not one month.. Not one decade.. Life altering moments..

November 14 is just one day.. together with the 364 others where anything and everything happens.. What makes November 14 special for me? Its not that I grew a year older and get presents and cash for it.. But its a point of reflection of what has happened in my life so far.. And how am I going to change it for the future.. For me and the people around me..


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happy belated birthday...but the fish cutlet was great!