Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Went to watch Bangkok Dangerous with HBB.. Had to have la 4 loud-mouth Indian boys sitting in front of us. Guess they couldn't get seats for the Tamil movie Aegan, a day after Deepavali :p Being typical Indians, they couldn't keep their mouth shut with their giggles and stuff.. So we just shifted to the right as there were available seats next to us. Still could hear their annoying voices but it was bearable.. As usual, they laughed and giggled during scenes like girls with skimpy clothings. Whats more annoying than that, they giggled during a scene where the mute lady tries to tell her name to Nicholas Cage using her hands, which I touch was quite heart-warming.. Indians.. Typical..

By the way, I give Bangkok Dangerous a thumbs down.. Bad script and storyline.. Even Nicholas Cage's good looks couldn't save this one :)

Happy Deepavali ya'all !!

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hbb said...

u actually remember the name of the tamil movie? :P

well, its ok. i had fun laughin at them. hahaha... :)