Monday, October 13, 2008

What defines a human?

What defines a human? 

Is it his creativity and intelligence? 
Is it his feats or accomplishment? 
Is it the care he shows for his fellow beings? 
Is it finding a soulmate and continuing the circle of life? 
Or is it being able to feel?

Today the question of being human will hang over my head..

For I was asked by someone I hurt badly.. Am I still even human..

I have been asking myself that question for months now actually.. 

What do you do when people's tears and cries can't penetrate the thick skin of your heart?
What do you do when people's heartbreak and the loss of someone can't leave a scare on your face?

Why can't I feel the pain..

Its there.. 

Hidden in my heart.. 

But I can't feel it anymore..

Am I even human anymore..

Because humans feel..

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