Saturday, October 11, 2008



That was the time i punched in for work today..

I was late..

I woke up at 0755, bath and brushed my teeth in 3 minutes, clothes in half a minute, and off!

0814 can be considered early since it takes 12 minutes to drive to work..

Coincidentally, its the first time I'm changing my phone alarm tune from Flow Rida's Low to a Salsa Merengue Mix. That must have been the reason.. Or maybe another factor played a part.. :p

Carried a cat out of the office when I did reach.. And a work-less Saturday ensues..


HBB said...

Another factor????? hahaha.... y tak explain :P

rubinho said...

Why you perasan? Maybe cuz you know the answer d? :p

hbb said...

i guess i know thats the only factor... changing ringtone was a cover up! :P