Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Honestly speaking, I almost forgot it was Earth Day. I know most people don't care. 64% of Americans think global warming is not a problem. That is indeed sad.

I can go on and on on how we are the creators of our own demise, but ill be "dua kali lima". I have not been doing my fair share for Mother Nature as well. My aim in life is to change that.

Anyways, in accordance with Earth Day, here's a few links from the daily feed I hook on to. Lets give Mother Nature the chance to live on, so our children and children's children get to see tomorrow what we see today.

Earth Day Network

Is Modern Society Ruining Childhood?

Success Stories : Cleaning Up Planet Earth

Days to Stretch Longer with Climate Change

Go green : Energy-cutting apps for your PC

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